Extra Services and Combination Packages

  • Hypno-Reiki: 90 Minutes
  • Hypno-Massage: 90 Minutes
  • Hypno-Cranial Sacral: 90 Minutes
  • Reiki-Massage: 90 Minutes


  • Reiki & Aura Energy Healing: 90 minutes
    • The Reiki & Aura Healing session is a chakra cleansing, balancing & healing. I use singing chakra bowls, tuning forks and chakra stones. This healing session offers a space to discover your personal integrity, find harmony & wholeness within.
  • Intuitive Reading: I connect with you on past, present & future issues. Together we can empower you to find understanding in your life.
  • Life Reading: The life reading includes your astrology & numerology information. This gives personal insight on your life from the beginning to the future. Understand your challenges and how to deal with them.
  • Property Cleansing: Abnormal or explainable occurrences & feelings in your home, office, or property may be cleared with a Spiritual House Cleansing or Property Blessing.