Spiritual House Cleansing in Little Rock

Abnormal or unexplainable occurrences and feelings in your home or on your property may be cleared with a Spiritual House Cleansing or Property Blessing ritual.

Does your Home or Business need a Spiritual Cleansing?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, it may be a sign that there is negative energy in your home. Consider a spiritual house cleanse to eliminate the root of the problem from the premises!

  1. Have you noticed any unusual smells such as flowers, sulfur, perfumes, or foul odors?
  2. Have you heard any unusual noises such as unaccounted footsteps, knocks or banging?
  3. Have you heard any unaccountable voices such as whispering, yelling, crying or speaking?
  4. Have objects moved on their own?
  5. Have you experienced any uncommon cold or hot spots in a room?
  6. Have your pets acted strangely, as if they had seen a presence that was not there?
  7. Have you had uncommon problems with electrical sources flickering off and on such as lights, doorbells, kitchen appliances? Has there been any with uncommon and unexplained plumbing leaks?
  8. Have family members or guests had trouble sleeping, frequent nightmares or any unexplained physical attacks, which have left “marks” on their body?

Spiritual House Cleansing in Little Rock

We perform this process in a single, non-intrusive session at your location.

Regular Clearing & Cleansing: $125 to be performed within 2-4 business days

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