Hypnosis by Janice, Certified Hypnotherpist

The mind is our vehicle for change

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis has been approved by the American Medical Association since 1958. Hypnosis is just simply natural relaxation, blended with guided imagery.  Through hypnosis, we may achieve a comfortable and natural relaxed state while focusing our consciousness on specific thoughts and feelings.

Hypnosis, when applied to create positive results, can change negative thoughts into positive ones thereby promoting a new and more satisfying lifestyle. All hypnosis is self hypnosis, you make the change within yourself. The goal of hypnosis is to provide a scientifically proven method of multi-level relaxation techniques. By inducing a deep state of relaxation through hypnosis, anxiety can be greatly diminished and healing promoted.

The hypnosis session works great by being Skyped, Emailed or by Phone. I can also send you a file on the computer so that you may listen to it at your convenience. Repetition is the best way to change with hypnosis.

Choose the goal you’d  like to achieve, and together, we can do it!

Weight Control                                     

Stop Smoking                                       

Stop Other Tobacco Products               

Self Esteem

Improve a Relationship                        

Public Speaking                                           

Physical Healing                                  

Cleansing Chakras                         

Emotional Healing                          

Stop Alcohol                                   

Self Confidence                              

Test Anxiety                                   

Cancer Recovery                                



Fear of Flying




Biting Nails


Lying Addiction

Stage Fright

Athletic Performance

And Much More…

One Hour Session – $125

  • Custom hypnosis script created for your specific needs.
  • Recorded file sent to your email address.

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Your goal (i.e., stop smoking)